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Home Security Reviews

Best Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Home Security D.I.Y camera systems 


There are literally DOZENS of resident security businesses out there with just as many hucksters and salesmen who will do anything to sell you on a bad one to make a quick buck.

We don’t take protecting your home and family lightly. It’s not an afterthought. Choosing the right one is absolutely critical if something were to ever happen threatening your security. If for example, Company A is known for faulty programming or poor law enforcement response (emphasizing the lack of a relationship with officers), you need to steer clear away from that company.

If, however, Company B is known for not only their exceptional customer service but their flexible monthly payment plans, state-of-the-art technology, and essential extras to safeguard your home, that’s a company you’d want to seriously consider.

We’ve left out the “Company A’s” and brought to the spotlight the “Company B’s” via our unbiased opinion. We focus exclusively on the systems that got us the best, fastest, consistent, and most reliable results. It’s rare to find security systems that perform better than advertised, which is another reason why we chose the following systems below:

Frontpoint Wireless and Cellular Home Security System

frontpoint-2Unlike most security systems that cover ONE emergency situation (typically home intrusions), this one covers the gauntlet: intrusions, fire, environmental and medical issues if need be.

In this review we’re not going to cover what you may already know but what we and others with this system DO know based on experience. Sure features like video recording and wireless arming are great in theory but does it work as good as it sounds? Is it practical or gimmicky?

We expose the nitty-gritty truth and give you all the details as we currently know it to help you make the best-informed decision possible.

5 Darn Good Reasons Why We Love Front Points Home Security System (and why you will, too!)


Our reasons listed below are based on our experience. There are some features we don’t need nor use for our purpose, but may be just what the doctor ordered for your own. Here are five of our own:

Reason #1: D-I-Y Friendly

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? If so, Frontpoint designed their system for you to set up your equipment however which way you choose.

Unlike previous hardline systems (ADT) you’re free to add, subtract, or adjust equipment anytime without having to wait for an on-site technician or any associated fees in doing so, not to mention its simple and straightforward to do.

Reason #2: Phone and iPad App Friendly

With older systems you’d have to manually set your alarm. Now you can activate/deactivate the alarm to your home with a single push of the button be it from another room in the house or 1000 miles away in Costa Rica while on vacation.

Imagine having installed multiple camera’s in your home and being able to check in on the dog or family while away at work from your smartphone – that’s the power of Frontpoint!

Reason #3: Night Vision Technology

Cameras are equipped with night vision. Why is this important? Most nefarious activity takes place under the cover of darkness. Plus, if an intruder spots a camera and destroys it, no problem, video feeds are recorded off-site and easily retrievable.

Reason #4: Alarm Feedback

Monitoring video feeds is time consuming, so Frontpoint sends text/email messages updating you on current activity and what activities taking place (opened front window, back door opened, etc.).

Reason #5: Professional Customer Service

We’ve contacted their customer service team with numerous questions and every time they’re professional, courteous, and highly knowledgeable about the products they service.

What A Buyer Had To Say


“This system is fantastic! Super easy to install, activation takes seconds, online monitoring and controls are amazing…I can monitor my doors, alarm settings and turn my lights on and off from my cell phone! – Michele V.


The following account is a true story about a husband and wife who recently had a break-in to their home.

Here’s a summary of that tale:

“A few short hours after my husband and I left on vacation, we received notice our alarm “triggered” from a door opening. Frontpoint contacted us IMMEDIATELY and sent cops arriving no less than 5 minutes later. Thankfully, our house and all belongings were intact. Based on video footage he never went beyond the front door. Apparently the obnoxious alarm scared him off. The system wasn’t installed for more than 30 days prior to this incident. We sleep peacefully at night and while away.

…But There’s ONE Catch

Though we sing high praises no technology is perfect. There is one issue we hope they address in the near future, and that is the necessity of a strong and reliable cell tower nearby for effectiveness.

For us and most others this is a non-issue but for rural or low-traffic suburb areas there’s no alternative workaround – the system is totally ineffective in those areas because it relies on wireless technology to operate. Thus if you reside in a low reception area, this would not be the wisest security investment for you.

The Whole ‘Spec’ and Nothing But The ‘Spec

frontpoint-1** Wireless Indoor Camera – Protect Your Home and Family Anywhere and Everywhere

** Wireless Outdoor Camera – Triggers ‘On’ When Movements Spotted Outside

** Touchscreen Control Panel – Combine Power and Simplicity with Customized Control

** Thermostat – Control Your Homes Temperature, Vacation, or Rental Properties on the Fly

** Automated Light Control – Flip Lights Off/On Anytime To SAVE Money and Stay Safe

** Keypad Door Lock – Keys Lost? Locked Yourself Out? Just Enter Your ‘Secret Code’

** Intrusion Sensors – In The Event of a Break-in, Frontlines Sensors Alert You To Unnatural Movements

** And much more.

Specs listed accommodated certain plans and specific needs. For example, you may not need light control or a smoke alarm if you currently have one. You pick. You choose. A truly customized security experience.

Here’s What We REALLY Think About Frontpoint (the truth may SHOCK you…)

There are enough features and benefits here with Frontpoint to make your head spin. We couldn’t possibly cover it all because most people use it for many different reasons and circumstances. What we shared was our personal experiences as well as well as other people’s personal accounts with this system.

Their solid money-back guarantee ensures you can safely test drive the system for yourself and if you don’t like it, just send it back for a full refund – no questions asked.

In Conclusion…


There are so many things we couldn’t cover for lack of time and space. In fact, we’d like to hear YOUR experiences and testimonial. It would useful for us to share with others to help spread the word. Pretty soon your personal story and experience will convert many family and friends over to this powerful system like we’ve done here with you.

Visit the link below. Conduct your own private investigation as we have. And tell them we sent you. They’d be happy to know we did (smiles)

Click here to visit Frontpoint Security

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Link Interactive Wireless and Cellular Home Security System

Link-Interactive-Home-Security-1In this review we’re going to cover one of the best ‘all-around’ security system on the market today – Link Interactive.

We put this system to the test to give it a run for our money. What information we’ve gathered was nothing short but impressive. It’s under-rated and consistently receives high praises from customers who’ve been in contract with them for 20+ years or more.

How is that? Frankly, their products and services aren’t all that much different from the other home security systems available. What makes them stand out most is the quality of customer service. They work with you under virtually any circumstance and are happy to serve.

This industry is based on customer service after all, so it only makes sense that their biggest selling point is the people behind the phone and their emergency response team. The system doesn’t work if the people behind the scenes aren’t as passionate as they are about their work. Perhaps that’s why they’ve been around since the stone ages.

What Customers Had To Say


“Installation was super easy. I’m not a technical type person but I figured it out. This is a what you are is what you get sort of company. They rely on their system to sell it not promotions that sucker you in. My service has been excellent and the prices can’t be beaten.” – Beth

“My experience with Link Interactive has been great. Apart from saving more on their monitoring fee. the level of automation i get on their service beats a lot of the competition.There is no reason not to recommend.” – Adrian D.

…But There’s ONE Catch

Depending on how you view it the self-install feature may be unattractive to you. If so, for $99 a technician will come out and do it for you. Unlike other security companies that aggressively promote discounts, deals, and savings, admittedly, you won’t get that here. They’re ‘firm’ on pricing to keep their services streamlined without the added complications of who’s paying what. If everyone’s paying the same uniform price it makes customer service relations relatively easy, hence why we rated them as #1 in the customer service department.

The Whole ‘Spec’ and Nothing But The ‘Spec

Link-Interactive-2For only $29.99, here are some of the features, services, and technology you can expect right out the gate:

** 100% Wireless and Cellular

** Remote Access and Control

** Instant Security Alerts

** Easy D-I-Y Setup

** Portable System

** 24/7 Professional Monitoring

** Crash and Smash Protection

** Smoke and Heat Monitoring

** Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

** Water and Flood Monitoring

** Control Panel with Cellular Link

** Automatic Alerts with Geo-Tracking

** Remote Light Control

** Control Thermostat

** 2-Way Voice

Comparatively speaking to major competitors ADT, Xfinity or Insteon, they lack in many or most of the features you get listed above even at their higher price plans.

Here’s What Makes Link Interactive Unique (this may SHOCK you…)


Founded in 1952 in Ogden, Utah way back when you had to rip your home apart to be rewired for a new security system, Link Interactives ‘low-key’ approach is what gave them the longevity be in the business for 65+ years.

Unlike most security system companies that aggressively pursue new contracts via door-to-door, TV advertisements, or heavy online marketing, Link Interactive is like the tortoise in the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ race – slow to get going in the beginning but while the hare eventually runs out of steam (most security companies are bought out or go out of business) the tortoise just keeps on truckin’ alone to the finish line.

They rely on word-of-mouth mostly and large retail store chains like Costco to sell their security systems. Few have this level of access to major retails but because their brand is trusted, well-known and established they let the system do all the talking while people refer and recommend their services on their behalf

In Conclusion…


Off the security systems reviewed here this one is the most well-rounded, established, trusted, and reliable of them all. Their longevity in this business speaks volumes about their products and services. Are they the flashiest technological security company? No. But neither is Apple computers.

Apple’s sleek, simple style is what makes their products more attractive than a competitors product stuffed with every gimmick under the sun. Link Interactive is like the “Apple” of security systems. Sleek. Simple. User-friendly. Quick installation. Intuitive controls. Reliability. Predictability.

Link Interactive’s low-key approach is exactly what you’ll want in a security system. While everyone else is heavily marketing to PROVE how effective they are, Link Interactive let their products and services do all the talking for them while staying under the bad guys radar. This is a no-frills company. What you see is what you get. And it’s plenty.

You can rest assured that if your alarm were to sound off for any reason Link Interactive will be there in a ‘heartbeat’ to protect you and your family.

+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +

Protect America Wireless and Cellular Home Security System

protect-america-1Protect America is an all-encompassing home security system that allows you to fully customize your security experience. The term ‘one-size-fits-all’ truly applies to this company’s products and services. You get the customizable security protection experience the wealthy enjoy without the high prices of customization.

Founded in 1992 headquartered in Texas, Protect America services over 500,000 families nationwide and have been in the industry for well over 20 years. You may not have heard of them but they’re certainly no spring chicken. They’ve been around the block a few times and know a thing or two about security. That’s why the average customer maintains their service for 8 to 10 years.

For review purposes we put them to the test. We didn’t warn them who we were or what we intend on doing so as to maintain transparency and receive the same service you’d receive if you were in our shoes. In other words, we didn’t want preferential treatment in return for a good review.

We went undercover for the last 30 days analyzing every nook and cranny we could find. From our experience not only do they have interesting promotions going on to snag great deals, they had one of the quickest response times we’ve seen from the time the alarm goes off to when they call you to check on you.

Below area a handful of reasons why we love this security system.

5 Darn Good Reasons Why We Love Protect America Home Security System (and why you will, too!)


** Reason #1: Most AFFORDABLE Home Security Company

With no upfront costs and monthly fees as low as a single Andrew Jackson bill, Protect America is by far the cheapest home security business on our list. While others charge anywhere from $99 – $400 just to get the system up and running alone, Protect America charges nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Their lock-in rates are the cheapest of any of their competitors and you get a free lifetime warranty with each plan, meaning Protect America will send you FREE replacement parts for any defective equipment at no charge. Despite their affordability, they sacrifice nothing in regards to quality.

** Reason #2: Monitored By Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS)

CMS is one of the leading and most respected monitoring stations in America. Police respond extremely fast to emergencies because they are trusted by law enforcement professionals. Anytime an alarm is triggered, the right officials are quickly dispatched to your location.

** Reason #3: Numerous Award Recognitions

Protect America has earned several awards because of their services. They received 5 star reviews from Top Consumer Reviews for 5 years in a row from 2008 to 2012 for the best home security system. They also took home the Consumer Digest Best Buy Award for their Copper plan package.

** Reason #4: Nationwide Coverage

So long as you stay within the United States borders, regardless where you move to or from, you will always have coverage under Protect America.

** Reason #5: Cutting Edge Freeze and Flood Sensors

This option alone is what sets this company apart from so many others. If you live in an area prone to excessive flooding or freezing, this sensor alarms you so you have time to prepare yourself well in advance in the event of an emergency.

What Customers Had To Say…

“All in all my experience with Protect America could not have been better. Nothing but professionalism courtesy and patience from both my sales rep. and installation rep. I love my alarm system.” – Ernie

“I’ve used Protect America for over 8 years and I can’t say enough good about the organization. A-1 customer service and knowledgeable. Thank you for protecting my family and home.” – John

…But There’s ONE Catch

Like all good security companies this one, too, has its flaws. For example, the customer service department could use a revamp in their response, approach, and handling of various situations. Customers have complained about extended waits by phone to solve problems that may surface.

Lastly, unless you intend on living at your current residence for the next three (3) or more years you may wish to consider other security monitoring services. Protect America requires a minimum 3-year contract.

The Whole ‘Spec’ and Nothing But The ‘Spec

protect-america-3There are five plans from which to choose: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

All plans come with free set-up equipment with ZERO activation fees. They also come with the following:

** ONE (1) touch screen console

** ONE (1) motion detector,

** ONE (1) SMART Connect App (Broadband and Cellular Plans Only).

The major difference between all five plans are the number of door and/or window sensors you want/need. Predetermined number of sensors are as follows:

Copper – (3 sensors), bronze (6 sensors), Silver (9 sensors), Gold (11 sensors), and Platinum (14 sensors). Additional sensors outside of predetermined amount according to each plan are ‘extras’ sold separately.

The following equipment extras come separately: Motion Detector, Door or Window Sensor, SMART Connect App, Keychain Remote, Glass Break Sensor, Smoke Detector, Video Security Camera, Simon XT Touchscreen Panel, Garage Door Sensor, Mini Pinpad, Two Button Panic Alarm, and External Siren.

Here’s What We REALLY Think About Protect America (the truth may SHOCK you…)


From the 30 – 60 minute DIY set-up time to affordable home protection safety plans, Protect America is one of the few home security companies that does what their own name implies – Protect America.

We highly recommend their services for anyone who wants a do-it-yourself approach that’s simple and easy to do.